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Level 1: Domestic 1 and Puppy Classes

The Domestic 1 Class is for dogs over 6 months and Puppy Classes are for dogs between the ages of 4 and 7 months.  our volunteer instructors teach YOU how to train your dog.  The classes include loose lead walking, stays, coming when called, and very importantly socialisation with other dogs.  All of these areas are covered in the first 8 week course.

Level 2: Domestic 2 and Puppy 2 Classes

After the first course is completed, you graduate to the next level of domestic/puppy obedience.  This phase of training is to reinforce  all that you have learnt and to extend each exercise further.  To have a dog that is well behaved and well socialised we recommend that you complete Level 2.

Level 3: Upwards Further Obedience Training and/or Agility, Flygility, Rally-O

Obedience training at a higher level is taught in conjunction with content designed around continuing to train your dog to be a well-mannered household pet. It progresses at a pace to suit the capabilities of handler and dog.  Handlers wishing to compete are encouraged and receive more specialised training.

Agility Training requires a level of obedience as most of the training is done off lead.  Agility is something that most dogs love to do.  The 9 week beginner course is designed to introduce the dog to all the agility equipment.  From there you move onto the intermediate level where the emphasis is on improving control and speed. Click here for more general information (pdf) or (word).  For more details on competition agility click here

Flyball/flygility is a game which both handler and dog enjoy - they shout, bark and make fools of themselves whilst performing it.  For more information click here (pdf) or (word)

Rally-O Obedience is a mix between Agility and Obedience and there are three levels - Novice, Intermediate & Advanced.  For more information click here (pdf) or (word)

Many of our members train in both obedience and agility 


The initial 8 week Domestic 1 and Puppy Class costs $80.00.  The cost of an agility beginner course is $40 for club members and $60 for non-members.  After completing Level 1 or beginner agility, you can become a member of the club and continue training in the more advanced classes.


To our intake officer Chris Dunn Ph  (09) 424 0448

Please ensure you phone our Intake Officer, Chris Dunn 09 424 0448, as soon as possible if you wish to book a place on an obedience or agility intake as places are limited